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Hello, my name is Kurt Chacon. Welcome to my website.
My mission is simple: educate people on how they can reach their best level of health, fitness and vitality.  Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Are you surviving but not thriving?
  • Do you fuel your body instead of nourishing it?
  • Is your exercise program “one size fits all’ and not tailored to your individual needs?
  • Have you stopped getting results from your program?
  • Are you recovering or rehabbing from disease or injury but are unsure of the next step?
  • Do you suffer from minor health symptoms that keep you from your best health?
  • Are you on numerous medications for minor health concerns but can’t shake the feeling there is another way to better health?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the flood of fitness information to the point that you give up before even starting?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. I am here for you. Make the commitment TODAY for your best TOMORROW.
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Kurt Chacon




1. Physical Assessment. You can’t know where you are GOING until you know where you ARE. If you aren’t ASSESSING, you are GUESSING.

2. Program Design. Get a program designed specifically for your needs/goals from a professional trained in designing programs that get RESULTS!

3. Personal Training. Train individually or in a group with one of the “Best 100 Trainers in America” as named in Men’s Journal Magazine.

4. Kettlebells. Experience one of the fastest ways to change your body and improve your fitness though the use of a round iron ball with a handle – the kettlebell.

5. Strongman Training. Go OLD SCHOOL for a NEW BODY using the “Rocky IV” method of training – what’s old is new again!

1. Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment and Coaching. Being healthy is more than losing bodyfat. Do more than SURVIVE – learn how to THRIVE!

2. Detoxification and Body Purification. Learn more about the fastest way to better health at

3. Symptom Survey. Discover the healing power of food by filling out the Symptom Survey.

4. Supplement analysis/recommendation. Are you getting the most from your supplements? Get a supplement plan that WORKS!

5. Fat loss. Lose FAT and not your MIND with a plan that works for YOU!

1. Biosignature of fat loss. Learn WHY you are fat WHERE you are fat – and what you can DO about it!

2. Post-injury/illness Exercise. Get realistic exercise prescription and coaching from a professional TRAINED in rehab and recovery exercise.

3. Golf Conditioning. Strength training for golf is essential, but not every trainer knows the secrets for success – I DO.

4. Cycling Performance. Get stronger and faster on the bike faster with a certified cycling coach.

5. Seminars. Does your club, group or company want cutting-edge education on fitness, nutrition and lifestyle from one of the best trainers in the country? Contact me NOW for further information.

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